Pokemon Movie ‘Coco’ Special Advance Ticket

Advance tickets have been announced and they include the special code!

We have been HANGING to see when they will announce the release date for the new Pokemon Movie ‘Coco’. It was scheduled for release in June however with the Covid coming into play everything was on hold until further notice.

The Pokemon Company has just announced the release date of the special Advance Ticket purchase. Pop in to any Pokemon Centers or Stores in Japan from Friday the 7th of August to purchase the ticket.

As this is still only being released in Japan and not in Australia (or in English) for at least another 6-8 months my main interest was the free downloadable Pokemon to celebrate the movie. This was announced back in March this year.

If you wish to have a suss into more info like special moves or action images have a look here : Celebii, Zarude.

This is the first time in Pokemon history that we can receive two phantom Pokemon with an advanced ticket. Hopefully some lovely people in Japan will send some over mystery trade.

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