New RockLove x Pokemon Jewellery

RockLove has released new Pokemon in it’s jewelly collection!

RockLove has made some amazing items. Usually they only sell their Pokemon Jewelry on their own site, however this time they have taken a HUGE leap and collaborated with the Pokemon Center US. These new pieces cannot be purchased anywhere else besides the Pokemon Center US online store. If you wish to look at their collection so far click here.

Lets have a look!

Beautiful arent they! I would have to say Espeon is one of my favourites, he would have to be the one I get. The Master Ball opens and shuts with a small space inside to stick picture. Nice idea but its really too small for a locket. Now the Mimikyum, this guy is pretty cool. He also has a separate part for his body, so he can tilt his fake head just like in real life.

I really love the high detail that RockLove commit to with all their products. Each item is made from Stirling Silver, with a Stirling Silver chain and enamel for the colouring. The crystals are actually from Swarovski, so these are very high end, which makes sense for the $99.00 USD price tag. But a perfect present for a Pokemon fan.

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