Satoshi’s Hat In Game Item

Dress up your trainer with Satoshi’s hat from the new movie ‘Coco’!

There are two things we need to have to be able to get the in game hat from the newest Pokemon movie.

Step 1. Have the ‘Isle of Armour’ expansion on your Nintendo Switch

Step 2. Have Zarude in your party

Once you have done above, go and talk to the woman right at The Isle of Armor. She will then gift you Satoshi’s hat for your character.

Now how do we do step 1? Easy download the Pokemon expansion from the Nintendo store, it is released on June 17th (This Thursday yay!!)

To get Zarude it’s a lot harder and I can see many people getting upset with this but, Zarude can only be obtained (for now) by preordering your movie ticket for the Pokemon Movie ‘Coco’. Tickets go on sale in Japan in August 7th.

Let’s hope once the movie is released they announce a special download so the rest of us can get Zarude and the Shiny Celebii.

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