Special Cramorant Max Raid

A special Cramorant Max raid has been announced for Feb!

During a Japanese variety show Oha Suta, the announced details of a special max raid to tie-in with the new Pokemon movie ‘Secrets of the Jungle’ or we know it as ‘Coco’.

In this special max raid event you will encounter a level 100 Cramorant! You heard right! There is a higher chance of encountering a Shiny Cramorant.

We also have some special rewards for how many trainers battle this special event Pokemon.

– 500,000 defeat Cramorant, all players will receive a Flame Orb, Toxic Orb & Light Ball

– 1,000,000 players defeat Cramorant, all players receive a gift of a Gold Bottle Cap, 3 Bottle Caps & 3 Pearl Strings

This is very similar to the Zeraora event last year when we had to band together to defeat him order to receive a shiny version from the Pokemon Company. This event runs from Feb 4 till the 9th!

So jump in and help us out!

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