Zacian & Zamazenta: Ready to test your metal!

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So, a week ago the new Zacian and Zamazenta box was released across stores in Japan bringing with it a slew of new cards that will only be available in this sealed product.

The two most notable of bunch being Foil copies of Zacian and Zamazenta!

While it doesn’t give specific details it also advertises it does advertise that this set will also have other cards exclusive to this pack that are “perfect for steel type decks” which could mean the introduction of a serious pick me up for steel decks in the ways of consistency tech through the card Metal saucer which is functionally identical to the Dark and Aqua patches. Metal saucer is its name translated from Japanese so it may receive a small degree of renaming during translation so keep an eye out for that.

In a previous article – hyperlinked here, I opened up the floor to the idea of ‘pack exclusives” within the same set and that looks to have been confirmed here with this set also containing 3 sword packs and 3 shield packs.

The final item this pack contains is 15 basic steel energies with the latest design.

This is the information as advertised by the website (translated from Japanese):

Product information

Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield
Zassian + Zamazenta Box

  • Release date : Friday, December 27 , 2019
  • Suggested retail price 1,500 yen + tax
  • set content
    • ・ 27 cards
    • 6 Pokemon (4 types), 6 trainers (3 types), 15 basic energy cards
    • ・ 3 packs of Sword expansion pack
    • ・ Three packs of “Shield”
    • ・ Can case

The recorded card list can be found here.

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