BROWNS & Dan Life Release Exclusive Swarovski-Studded ‘Pokémon’ Necklaces


Browns & Dan Life has crossed Pokemon with bling!

These studded Pokemon necklaces are certainly a statement piece. Made from coloured Swarovski crystals and gold plated silver, they are crafted to match some of our favourite Pokemon. They also carry a hefty price tag at approx $523 USD each.

Each necklace sits at about 5-9cm, the Charizard pendant is the largest of them all. A micro box link is included in the purchase, you are unable to purchase the pendants separately.

These five Pokemon designs are now available at Browns in the United States. Sadly nothing here for us in Australia. While I was pondering around the internet, I also stumbled across some other Pokemon Swarovski Necklaces that Dan Life (Known as Daniel Jacob) has designed and listed on his own mini store online.

Now I’m not a big bling fan, but I would one of these necklaces just to display. The attention to detail is second to none and the Pokemon look exactly as if they were design & manufactured by the Pokemon Company.

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