Detective Pikachu Merch Line


We are all counting down the days until Detective Pikachu hits the Cinemas this year. The Pokemon Center US has announced they will also have a Detective Pikachu Merch line and not just the TCG!
There will be clothing, hats with Pikachu ears, mugs, artwork, mini lego and also a talking Detective Pikachu plush.
The clothing range has a few different designs from the movie, as well as male cut and female cut shirts. This is one thing I am very happy about as usually they come in a one ‘unisex’ cut.

There will be two types of the mini legos, they are slightly different from the nano block range having full detail on the faces.

Now the talking Pikachu plush! This cute little detective has two voice modes as well as motorised ears. That is a first for Pokemon plushies! We are yet to see how they move but it’s gotta be good.
We also have the TCG which has already been announced. Please see the link below for details.
Detective Pikachu TCG

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