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A new Vmax pair has been announced in the upcoming expansion product “Bakusen Walker”. Not much has really been revealed as of yet but there is more than enough for us to confirm that Centiskorch VMAX and Gardevoir VMAX are both on the horizon. Along with booster pack packaging art featuring Centiskorch.

It seems there is a really heavy emphasis placed on tactics and play sequences as they introduce bits of new tech to help them along.

This lovely guy adds 20hp to the fire types it attaches to.

Where as this heals 80 from a pokemon at the cost of having to remove a special energy attached to the target.

Centiskorch V and its VMAX seem build into one another using one of Centi-v’s moves to ramp up the damage of Centi-VMAX when it eventually evolves.

Gardevoir VMAX is a little different with the article warning that evolving actually harms the damage output so it advises patience and planning to really get the full use out of the cards. I’d offer my own insights but since the cards aren’t translated I can’t really do that.

While we haven’t really been given much to work off of in the article everything can be found here

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