Japan’s Detective Pikachu Merch Line


We all know Japan has the best Pokemon merchandise.

So let’s see what they are releasing for the new Detective Pikachu Movie.

Life Size Detective Pika


They are yet to say online the exact sizing, but if we go via Pokemon terms Pika is approx 40cm tall. So that’s a nice size plush.



Every time I look at Ludicolo, all I can think of is Miror B. The bad guy from the Pokemon Colosseum and XD.

giphy (3).gif

Now I really love how cute this Detective Pika Mascot is.


This collection is quiet large. Shirts, hats, socks and jocks to bags and phone covers. Check out the rest of the collection  below.

All of these items will be available from May the 3rd in Japan. This is due to the movie being released in Japan first. Crazy right? I guess being the Pokemon homeland has some perks.

The US have already released some Detective Pikachu merch, hopefully we will get some here in Australia. I personally hope we get the ones like Japan.

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