Limited tests: daily Pokémon encounters and Daily Free Boxes; plus new stickers

New improvements are being made for playing Pokemon Go in individual settings. The newest features being tested are: daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters and Daily Free Boxes.

Daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters

A limited group of Trainers will soon get a special visit from Professor Willow! If you’re part of this test, he’ll tell you that he’s been working on a special kind of Incense. This Incense won’t appear in your Item Bag, but it’ll be active after Professor Willow gives it to you, attracting a Pokémon once a day that’ll appear only for you. Be sure to check the game every day to see what Pokémon will appear!

Daily Free Boxes in the shop

Soon, a small number of Trainers will be able to receive a free box of items daily in the shop! If you’re part of this test, the Shop button will display a notification when a Daily Free Box is available. To get your Daily Free Box, simply go to the shop and claim the box in the Free section. The box will contain different items each time, so be sure to claim your Daily Free Box every day to see what items you get!

We will be rolling these features out over the coming months to more Trainers, so keep an eye out for updates.


New Gift sticker designs are now available for purchase in the Shop! Previously released stickers are still available to obtain for free from Gifts.

The cost is 10 stickers for 35 PokeCoins or 30 stickers for 80 PokeCoins.

Stickers for purchase

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