Lucky Friends are here!


You can now become Lucky Friends with a friend and your next trade will result in a Lucky Pokemon guaranteed for both!

To become Lucky Friends you must first need to be Best Friends. Then you need to perform an “interaction” with that friend (open a gift, trade a Pokemon, battle in a gym or raid together, or participate in a Trainer Battle) and you will have a chance to become Lucky Friends. If you do become Lucky Friends, you will remain so until you complete the next trade (which will be the guaranteed lucky trade). Afterwards, you will return to be Best Friends and you may try to become Lucky Friends again on the next day.

The Lucky Friend status lasts until you perform the lucky trade. You can become Lucky Friends once per day per Best Friend and you can have multiple Lucky Friends. You will receive a notification once you become Lucky Friends with someone and you can identify a Lucky Friend in your friend list and friend profile with it’s orange-colored name and orange circles around it.

Avatar Poses

New and different avatar poses are now available for purchase for 500 coins each. They will make your avatar stand in different positions.


Male avatar poses


Female avatar poses
Random Pokemon Fact

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