McDonalds Pokémon Promos Announcement


Mc Donalds Happy Meal Pokémon Cards finally are coming to Australia!

With the US receiving the Maccas promos back in February this year, it’s finally Australia’s turn! Well wasn’t this a long ass wait. I honestly cant believe it took nearly 5 months for Maccas Australia to finally get any information to us, especially since first it was the McDonalds US, then Canada and even some other countries. Some people in the US were buying these in bulk (as usually you can buy the kids toy separately) and reselling them to people all over the world. After only about 2 weeks Maccas cancelled this as stores were selling out, which is totally understandable. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen here in Australia.

The info is pretty much the same as the US. Buy a Happy Meal and get a cardboard packed with 4 Pokémon cards in it. They are now listed on the Maccas Website.

They dont have an exact date listed on the website just coming soon but! We can confirmation the Space Jam toys they currently have are ending September 8th, sooooo it should be September 9th! The Pokémon toys begin! Keep an eye out!

If you wish to keep checking the McDonalds Site, the Toys are located Here.

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