More new Ditto Transformations!


We all know we cant get enough of that cute silly Ditto face.
The Pokemon Center is ready to release its next items in the Ditto Transformation range. This includes Plushies, Plush Keyrings and Capsule Toys.
This time we have Sylveon, Trubbish, Vanillite, Furret and one of my gen two favourites Mareep.
Look at that little fluffy sheep ????
Don’t have enough room like me for more plushies? They are also in mini plush keyring form.
And last of all the little capsual toys available in vending machines in Japan.
Release date is February 23rd of this year, all items will be available from Pokemon Centers around Japan and Online.
I am still waiting for a Ditto Legendary Pokemon! Come on!
Who else wouldn’t wanna see a Ditto Zapdos?

Author: Jesska

An Artist, a Web Designer but most of all a Pokemon Collector! Owner of the Pokemon Newspaper.

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