New Pokemon TCG Expansion Announced – “Fusion Arts”


A new Pokémon TCG Expansion has been announced called ‘Fusion Arts” This new expansion pack contains cards with the new battle style “FUSION”

So, lets first of all talk about what ‘FUSION” is

Fusion is a battle style that creates “new strength” by incorporating everything that exists in this world into battle. Regardless of the fixed pattern, each one believes they are the strongest and battles with refined skills. By using “Fusion” together, a synergisitic effect is created and you can fight while strengthening your fellow Pokémon or weakening your opponents Pokemon.

‘Fusion” Pokemon VMAX and Pokemon V

Let’s take a look at what abilities Mew VMAX and Mew V have


Mew VMAX the trick “Cross Fusion” allows you to select and use one of the tricks that the “Fusion” Pokemon on your bench has. The energy required at that time is 2 colourless energies regardlessof the skill selected, so it a deck with “Fusion” Pokemon as the main axis and it can be used in various ways regardless of type.

Mew V

Pokémon that can evolve into Mew VMAX. You can fight while playing with your opponent by having two tricks, ‘Energy Mix” that accelerates the energy of your “Fusion” Pokémon, and ‘Psycho Jump” that returns to the deck while damaging it.

Lets take a look at what some of the other “Fusion” Pokemon cards look like.

Hoopa V

Genesect V

“Fusion” Pokemon












Power Tablet

Elesa’s Sparkle

Chili, Cilan and Cress

Fusion Energy

There hasn’t been a set release date for this set just yet, but we will post an update when we find out. The battle concept for this set does seem interesting.

Pre Orders are now open however dude to all high demand they are pretty up there! Is the Mew worth it? Order Here!

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