New Sinnoh Pokemon, Moves and Rebalance


New Pokemon!

Starting now, you are able to obtain the following Pokemon by using a Sinnoh Stone:

  • Gallade
  • Froslass
  • Yanmega
  • Tangrowth
  • Lickilicky
  • Ambipom
  • Mamoswine (will be available on Community Day)


The following baby Pokemon may be hatched:

  • Happiny
  • Mime Jr.
  • Bonsly


The following new Pokemon are available in the wild:

  • Cranidos
  • Rampardos
  • Shieldon
  • Bastiodon
  • Glameow
  • Purugly
  • Combee
  • Vespiqueen


New changes


Tier 3, 4 and 5 Raid bosses will have higher HP, making it more difficult and requiring more Trainers to beat them. The HP increase is 20%

  • T3 : 3000 HP => 3600 HP
  • T4 : 7500 HP => 9000 HP
  • T5 : 12500 HP => 15000 HP

Players will receive more Stardust for completing Raid Battles.

Trainer Battles

The following Trainer Battle moves will receive damage changes:

Fast Attacks:

  • Waterfall
  • Smackdown
  • Shadow Claw (Energy increase)
  • Razor Leaf
  • Confusion
  • Frost Breath
  • Ice Shard

Charged Attacks:

  • Body Slam
  • Iron Head
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Psyshock
  • For standardization, the damage from Ice Beam will serve as the new baseline for Thunderbolt and Flamethrower.
  • For standardization, the damage from Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunder Punch will be set to the same level.

New moves that may be learned with TMs:

  • 024 Arbok: Dragon Tail – This addition provides Arbok with a hard-hitting Fast Attack that should help it stand out among Poison-type Pokémon.
  • 036 Clefable: Meteor Mash – This addition provides Clefable with a powerful Steel-type Charged Attack to help deal with other Fairy-type Pokémon. Making Clefable stronger should also make Dragon-type Pokémon less overpowering.
  • 038 Ninetales: Psyshock – This addition provides more type coverage for Ninetales, giving it more overall versatility.
  • 038 Alolan Ninetales: Psyshock – This addition provides more type coverage for Alolan Ninetales, especially in match-ups with Poison-type Pokémon.
  • 040 Wigglytuff: Ice Beam – This addition makes Dragon-type Pokémon less overpowering, providing an effective counter with strong attack potential.
  • 065 Alakazam: Fire Punch – This addition provides Alakazam with a relatively fast Charged Attack that adds additional coverage.
  • 068 Machamp: Rock Slide – Adding Rock Slide into Machamp’s moveset allows for additional coverage against Flying-type Pokémon.
  • 089 Muk: Thunder Punch – Thunder Punch may allow Muk to apply more early Protect Shield pressure and counter Water-type Pokémon that currently dominate the Great League, like Azumarill.
  • 089 Alolan Muk: Snarl – With a better Dark-type Fast Attack, Alolan Muk should be able to compete with Giratina and other Dragon types.
  • 110 Weezing: Thunderbolt – This move allows for additional type coverage for Weezing, and helps it stand out among other Poison-type Pokémon.
  • 121 Starmie: Thunder, Ice Beam – While Starmie doesn’t have access to the strong signature moves that are reserved for Pokémon such as Blastoise, these moves make up for it with better type coverage.
  • 124 Jynx: Focus Blast – This Ice- and Psychic-type Pokémon will benefit greatly from this Fighting-type move, countering a broader amount of Pokémon and protecting against its weaknesses.
  • 141 Kabutops: Waterfall – Kabutops lacks a Water-type Fast Attack and has had an uncharacteristic amount of difficulty with Flying-type Pokémon. Waterfall will help on both accounts.
  • 142 Aerodactyl: Rock Slide – Aerodactyl is strong overall, but it currently lacks a powerful Rock-type Charged Attack. Adding Rock Slide should fix this and is a natural fit for the Pokémon.
  • 143 Snorlax: Outrage – While Snorlax in general is a powerful Pokémon with lots of utility, this addition gives Trainers an incentive to have many Snorlax, each with a specialized purpose.
  • 181 Ampharos: Power Gem – Power Gem is a relatively rare Rock-type move that is not currently utilized by most Electric-type Pokémon. This natural fit for Ampharos makes it especially powerful in matchups where it is already strong.
  • 217 Ursaring: Shadow Claw – This Ghost-type Fast Attack will provide the Normal-type Ursaring an advantage in the Ultra League, where Dark-type Pokémon like Giratina frequently make an appearance.
  • 226 Mantine: Bullet Seed – The Grass-type Fast Attack Bullet Seed will help Mantine win the matchup against other Water-type Pokémon.
  • 229 Houndoom: Flamethrower – Flamethrower is a relatively fast Charged Attack that helps solidify Houndoom as a strong Dark- and Fire-type Pokémon.
  • 232 Donphan: Mud-Slap – Donphan currently lacks a Ground-type Fast Attack, so Mud-Slap will fit it nicely.
  • 241 Miltank: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam – Thunderbolt and Ice Beam should help Miltank’s type coverage in the Great League against bulky Water-type Pokémon like Azumarill and quick Dragon-type Pokémon like Altaria.
  • 243 Raikou: Shadow Ball – Raikou currently only has Electric-type Charged Attacks, so it will receive additional coverage against Pokémon frequently seen in the Ultra and Master Leagues.
  • 244 Entei: Iron Head – Entei has previously lacked a Charged Attack to help it deal with Rock-type Pokémon. Plus, Steel-type moves are not commonly represented on Fire-type Pokémon outside of Heatran, so Entei will have an advantage.
  • 245 Suicune: Ice Beam – This powerful move will help Suicune compete with the Dragon-type Pokémon commonly seen in the Ultra and Master Leagues.
  • 250 Ho-Oh: Hidden Power – Ho-Oh has previously been limited to its Psychic- and Steel-type Fast Attacks. Hidden Power gives players a chance to use Flying- and Fire-type Fast Attacks, which are more in line with the Pokémon’s strengths.
  • 272 Ludicolo: Ice Beam – Adding an Ice-type Charged Attack will help Ludicolo compete with the Dragon-type Pokémon commonly seen in the Ultra and Master Leagues.
  • 358 Chimecho: Psyshock – This powerful Psychic-type Charged Attack will make Chimecho a more potent and competitive Pokémon against many other types of Pokémon.
  • 373 Salamence: Bite – Bite is a devastating Dark-type Fast Attack for Salamence, which will capitalize on strength to differentiate it from other Dragon-type Pokémon, like Dragonite.
  • 405 Luxray: Hidden Power – The Normal-type Charged Attack Hidden Power will give Luxray additional coverage against Pokémon that are normally resistant to its predominantly Electric- and Dark-type move set.
  • 407 Roserade: Grass Knot – Grass Knot is a fairly fast Grass-type Charged Attack that should allow Roserade to capitalize on its relative speed and apply early pressure during battle.
  • 430 Honchkrow: Sky Attack – With the addition of a stronger Flying-type Charged Attack, Honchkrow will likely become a more interesting choice to include in the Great or Ultra League for its Flying- and Dark-type strengths.
  • 452 Drapion: Bite – Bite will give Drapion a strong Dark-type Fast Attack that will allow for early and unrelenting pressure throughout battle.
  • 467 Magmortar: Psychic – With the addition of Psychic, Magmortar will have unique strengths compared to other powerful Fire-type Pokémon.
  • 468 Togekiss: Flamethrower – Togekiss is already known for its strength against popular Dragon-type Pokémon, and now it will be better suited against Steel-type Pokémon as well with the inclusion of the Fire-type Charged Attack Flamethrower.
  • 474 Porygon-Z: Blizzard – The Ice-type Charged Attack Blizzard will give Porygon-Z a potent counter for Dragon-type Pokémon. This natural fit will help it stand up against Pokémon popular in the Great and Ultra Leagues.
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