Newest Pokémon Let’s Go Gameplay!


Anyone who is still sitting on the fence of the newest Pokémon switch game, you need to watch the newest gameplay teaser. It finally gives us all the answers of what’s to come.
First of all


Who doesn’t want to run around Kanto with there best buds? Battle others side by side, it’s like Pokemon’s dream.

How to get around.

So far they have shown how we will sprint, surf or fly in the new platform. Of course they show us what we wanna see, riding an arcanine, relaxing on the back of a lapras and flying with one of the strongest Pokemon Dragonite. They have also shown other options depending on what Pokemon you have selected.

Poke Park

So far with the Poke Park and the Pokemon go cross over, I found it very confusing to understand. Think of it like a safari zone of all the Pokemon you have transferred from your Pokemon Go game however! It is only compatible with the first 151 Pokemon, even though Pokemon Go is now about unleash Gen 4.
There are also Mini Games.

Story Line

OK so it’s not exactly the same as our beloved gameboy Pokemon games. We are getting close. It is based on our original Pokemon Yellow released on Gameboy back in 1998. Starting off in Kanto ready to begin your Pokemon adventure.
All of our favourite’s are there but back in their gyms. You will have to battle the normal eight Gyms including Misty as her role of the Water Pokemon Gym leader, good old Lt Surge as the Lighting Pokemon Gym Leader and who can forget Brock our loveable yet annoying Ground Pokemon Gym Leader. Jessie, James and meowth also show up to make some trouble.

Catching Pokemon

I am still abit iffy about why they decided to go this way about how you catch Pokemon. You walk along the tall grass as per usual to find your wild Pokemon, once encountered it is like Pokemon Go. You have to try and catch the Pokemon with berries and tricky Pokeball moves. I guess it makes it more realistic to the original Pokemon world but we love our battles! Getting their health so low you can bearly see red line.
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.15.31 am.png


I LOVE THIS. Anyone that know’s me I have been saying for years ‘are you ready?’ Bring back POKEMON STADIUM! And they have listened!
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.16.54 amScreen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.18.37 am
That was a hard hit!
We have the Pokemon Stadium style battle with full 3D moves. It hasn’t been since Pokemon stadium 2 this battle style has been used. Watching our Pokemon fight for us, dodge the impossible and sometimes get confused and hurts themselves. It’s all apart of being a trainer.
They have kept something from the newer gameplay and kept the mega evolutions. It’s safe to say more of the original 151 will have new forms to explore.


OMG YES. Who can forget our beautiful legendary birds. Even though they stole our hearts on the day they were captured in Pokemon 2000, they will be located in the three locations, as per Pokemon Yellow.

And who else but Mewtwo!
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.27.11 am.png
So what did you decided?
Or the real question is Which One? Let’s go Pikachu or Let’s go Eevee.

Author: Jesska

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