Pikachu Embroided Apparel!


A new range of Pikachu apparel is here.
Cute little Pikas and Poke Balls on Jackets, Hoddies, T-shirts and Tote bags. The best part is the emblems on the Jackets and T-shirts can be reused! What? Yes they are removable! Now that’s a first I’ve heard for clothing.
Next we have the classic hoddie. Pikachu and Eevee just having a stroll. The artwork is not only really cute but embroided. It is of high quality and detail, they just look so happy 🙂

Last of all we have some Pika tote bags and pouches.
All items are available in Pokemon Centers around Japan, however due to manufacturing delays the Pika Jacket is still yet to be released. Hopefully it’s not too far away!
Want to order any of these items? They are now in stock at Meccha Japan. Meccha Japan are currently running a special offer for all Newspaper Readers with 5% off all orders over $50.00, just make sure you use the code ‘PNP05‘ in your cart.

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