Pokémon 25th Anniversary TCG Set


The details of October’s TCG set have been revealed .

This set will celebrate Pokémon 25th anniversary. Each 25th anniversary pack will feature “mini booster packs” Each one of these will come with 4 cards also every every 25th anniversary product will come with a normal booster pack . It is presumed that these will be from regular sets but can’t be certain at this time

Only the mini packs will have the 25th anniversary logo on the packs so it seems that whatever special cards that we get they will only be available in the mini booster packs . This also indicates that the anniversary set will be rather small.

The following is a list of 25th anniversary products . Like all special sets the booster packs are only available within these promo products. . There will be a few more products that haven’t been listed yet.

  • 25th Anniversary Giant Figure Collection: 9x “25th anniversary” mini booster packs, 3x “normal” booster packs, 1x V promo, 1x VMAX promo, a giant Pikachu figure
  • 25th Anniversary Pikachu V Box: 4x mini booster packs, 2x normal booster packs, 1x Pikachu V promo, 1x Pikachu V jumbo
  • 25th Anniversary Elite Trainer Box: 10x mini boosters, 5x boosters, 1x promo card, and the usual contents of an Elite Trainer Box
  • 25th Anniversary Collector’s Chest Tin: 6x mini boosters, 2x boosters, 3x promo cards, stickers, notepad, mini portfolio
  • 25th Anniversary Pokemon Pin Boxes: 4x mini boosters, 2x boosters, 2x promo cards, 1x pin
  • 25th Anniversary Mini Tins: 2x mini boosters, 1x booster pack, 1x metallic coin

It will be interesting to see what’s in the mini booster packs!

Tracey Miller
Author: Tracey Miller

I've been a fan of Pokèmon since I was 10 years old. My favourite regions are Kanto and Johto as this is what I grew up with. I have room dedicated to Pokèmon collectables and other toys from the 80's and 90's.

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