Pokémon Celebration Parade Figures

The Pokémon Celebration Parade is on the way to commemorate 25 years of Pokémon!

More Pokemon Celebration items have come to the Pokemon Center Online in the US. The talk of the town is the new Celebration Parade Figures. Just like the Eevee and friends figures, all figures connect with each other to create a display. We don’t know how many or what Pokemon will become parade figures, so far the Pokemon Center has only released the first one, ‘Grand Marshall Pikachu’.

The Grand Marshall Pikachu Figure incorporates Eevee, Arcanine and Pikachu. It is approx  11cm x 22cm x 15cm in size, made from resin and hand painted. Each figure also comes with protective pads on the bottom to keep them steady and on smooth surfaces. The Pokemon Company really has taken a second to think about what we need and honestly they are moving in the right direction!

So lets have a look at this bad boy!

The first figure above is now out and can be ordered here >>>Order In Now

These are a Pokemon Center US exclusive so I would imagine they would sell out fast! Just like the theme song ‘Gotta catch them all’.

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