Pokémon Celebration Parade: Uplifting Friendships Figure


The 8th Figure in the Pokémon 25th Anniversary Collection has been released!

Last night the Pokémon Center US online store released the next figure in the Pokémon 25th Anniversary collection. With most of the other starters covered I was very interested what the next Celebration figure would be. This time its the starters from gen 2 and an OG Bulbasaur. As there is no information on these figures until they are released, I am no idea if this is the last on or not. So Stay posted!

Lets have a look 🙂

Just like all the others, this figure is made from resin and hand painted. It is also quiet weighty with the size being approx 16cm tall and 7cm wide. We are currently taking Orders on our partner site here.

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