Pokemon Center DX's 1st Anniversary


On March the 14th The Pokemon Center DX in Tokyo turns 1!

Japan Trip 2018

To celebrate there will be special limited edition Pika plushes dressed in traditional Japanese outfits. These are exclusive to the Pokemon DX and Tokyo Station stores.

So amazing right? The Kabuki Style Pika is my favourite. So much detail in the outfit and makeup detail. Due to this the Kabuki style and Wind style Pikas do cost that little bit extra.
There is also a new collection of pins, they come in random capsules. The pin art shows all different Pokemon from the ‘Pikachu Walking Map’. 95b35a33731273f5be40e48d6db2156c2bcc812c.jpg
The ‘Pikachu Walking Map’ was the theme of the Pokemon XD center merchandise when it first opened back in March 2018. It is a beautiful map of Japan, with Pokémon showing us all the different places in Tokyo.
Pikachu Walking Map Art

Sadly none of the these items will be available on the online store (which usually 99.9% items are). However we do have some connections here at the Pokémon Newspaper. If you are interested in one of these items please contact one of our supporters ‘Japan International Trade’ on their facebook page. Click Here!
interional trade

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