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Embark on a Pokémon Adventure with the Pokémon Concierge Collection

As Pokémon enthusiasts eagerly dive into the latest stop-motion anime series, “Pokemon Concierge,” released exclusively on Netflix, a delightful surprise awaits with the unveiling of the Pokémon Concierge Collection. This exciting collection, inspired by the enchanting world of the new TV series, features an array of charming goods that allow fans to immerse themselves further into the magic of Pokémon.

Capturing the Essence of Pokémon Concierge

Designed to complement the visual narrative of the Pokemon Concierge series, this collection showcases carefully crafted items that resonate with the themes and characters of the show. Fans can expect to find a diverse range of goodies that not only celebrate the unique aesthetics of the Pokémon universe but also pay homage to key elements from the stop-motion anime.

Highlights of the Pokémon Concierge Collection

  • Aloha Shirt and Bandana: Immerse yourself in the world of Pokemon Concierge with apparel inspired by the protagonist Hull’s costume. The Aloha shirt and bandana beautifully capture the essence of the series.
  • Madatsu Bomi’s LED Lights: Illuminate your space with enchanting LED lights inspired by Madatsu Bomi, adding a touch of whimsy to your surroundings.
  • Tazoo’s Watering Can: Bring a dash of practicality and charm to your daily life with the Tazoo-inspired watering can.
  • Travel Goods and Textile Patterns: Explore a range of travel essentials featuring textile patterns from the show, bringing the Pokémon Concierge world into your everyday adventures.
  • Daily Sundries: Elevate your relaxation time with room essentials that embody the cozy charm of Pokémon Concierge.

Availability and Commemorative Campaign

The Pokémon Concierge Collection will be available at Pokemon Center Online starting from January 19th. For people in Japan who can shop in store, to commemorate the launch of the Pokémon Concierge-themed goods, a special campaign titled “Welcome to Pokemon Resort! in Pokemon Center” will run from January 20th to February 18th. Fans can anticipate an exciting period filled with Pokémon-themed joy and surprises during this campaign.

For everyone else, including me who don’t live in Japan, you can order in some Pokemon Concierge Collection items direct, via my ‘Order In Service’ here.

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