Pokemon Glass Screen Protectors


Gengar and Pikachu are now even protecting your phone!

Inglem has released a new special type of glass screen protector. When your iphone screen is turned off a Pikachu or Gengar will appear. They have named this ‘Trick Glass’. The glass surface hardness is 10H pencil hardness, so your phone screen is super safe! It’s just as if they have used the move ‘Protect’ but on your phone.

So far these is only two types available Pikachu and Gengar. The glass has a transparent and glossy Pokemon, this is so when your phone is lit up and in use it doesn’t get in the way, but remember this also means it is difficult to see it as well.

The following iphone screen sizes are available, iPhone 8/7 / 6s / 6, iPhone 11 / XR, iPhone 11 Pro / XS / X.

Sadly as per usual this is a Japan only product, but may be available from online importers.

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