Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure


New Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure Details and Trailers!

Niantic has created a new feature to the Pokemon Go mobile phone app. It helps focus on the new ‘buddy’ concept that began in the ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie. First up watch the official Pokemon trailer below.

It’s really super cute and easy to relate to (well for me). A young child growing up with Pokemon, carrying his favourite Pokemon bud, then evolving into a young adult who can now walk around with his best bud by his side. If only it was true hey!

A second trailer was also released by Pokemon Go.


Now back to the Pokemon app. What will you be able to do?

Once the update has installed, you will be able to:

  • Walk with your Pokemon
  • Pay with your Pokemon ‘in real life’ using augmented reality
  • Unlock new abilities for your buddy Pokemon through ‘Buddy Levels’

The release date for the ‘Buddy Adventure’ update is yet to be announced, but has been hinted to be launched by 2020.

Author: Jesska

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