Pokémon Interior Décor Items


Its time to get our own themed Pokémon Homes!

Today the Pokemon Center Japan released its own home decor. This is much bigger than some small nick nacks, like god look at the size of that Snorlax rug. The Pokemon Company has taken a new angle and aiming for us older generation, lets face it, it totally worked. In this Decor release we have block our curtains, satin curtains, a lounge suite, Pokeball table, Fitted sheets, quilt cover sets and of course the rugs/matts.

The whole line is based on about 4 different themes, if you look below you will see they are very suttle in the Pokemon department. Only having small patterns or shadows, from far away you would even notice its Pokemon.

I would have to say my favourites are the large snorlax rug and the Pokeball table. In saying that this decor release is quiet pricey. I looked up the Pokeball table (as its perfect size for the Pokemon Room), but it was approx $1300AUD, and thats without delivery.

Most pieces are now available, with the lounge and table being a made to order product, releasing early Feb 2022.

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