Pokemon SWING VIGNETTE Collection


The very first Pokemon Swing Vignette collection is coming to Pokemon Centers in Japan!

A brand new type of Pokemon figure has been created by Re-Ment. These new figures are called ‘Swing Vignettes’, they combined the mobile and vignette to create a stunning Pokemon statue/figure. I know these are probably more for younger child but man I already want them all! There are 6 different types to collect, but as usual being Re-Ment these are sold in either one complete set box or in singular blind boxes. Each Statue is appx 13cm tall and around 7 cm wide.

Lets have a look!

I really love how these statues give the appearance of Flying Pokemon. I’m sure these new figures will be a BIG hit, so lets hope their is many more types to come. This collection will be released in Japan Pokemon Centers and online on April 19th.

Want to order some for yourself? Head over to our partner site Dragonites Kyomi

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