Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield – Darkness Ablaze Expansion

A new upcoming TCG Expansion is being released, Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze. With more than a 180 cards being released lets take a look at which cards we should keep and eye out for when this expansion debuts.

A Hundred Furious Flames: Centiskortch VMAX and Charizard VMAX

To start off, Centiskortch VMAX. It’s G-Max Centiferno attack facilitates extra Energy attachment. This is one of the most valuable assets in the Pokemon TCG, a long with doing a good damage. In the new Standard format, One hit knock outs will be less common. Centiskortch is quite healthy given that its HP is at 320. Its weakness is is pretty uncommon (For now)

Now, lets move on to Charizard VMAX who has a much better chance at getting those precious One-hit knockouts. However is sacrifices the ability to do less damage for a lower cost. Charizard has a high energy cost – 5 energy, so things are a bit slow to get going. It can’t do anything great for less than 4 energy, but once it gets going Charizard V MAX would be very difficult to defeat.

Extra Encounters : Enternatus VMAX

Enternatus VMAX is a pretty simple; gets lots of Dark Type Pokemon on your bench and do lots of damage. It has high HP of 340 and low attack cost with an uncomplicated strategy. This is something that I love in card! While this card seems an amazing asset, you will need to fill those spots on the bench to be at its most effective.

Cards are Crucial: Crobat V

Crobat V is your go to for drawing cards, seeing more of your deck is a big helper in getting the more complicated strategies going. Crobat carries a once-per-term restriction, which unfortunately means that you can’t go too crazy , but will help in the building process for your strategy.

Vicious Victory: Vikavolt V

One of the most important abilities to have is being able to prevent your opponent from playing items which is exactly what this card right here does. While it doesn’t do a huge amount of damge – 50 and it costs a bit to do more damage. Vikavolt is sure to still be one of those cards that your opponent will not want to see because lets face it, there’s nothing more annoying then not being able to use your items in battle. Vikavolt V is a bit difficult to use in turn one though unfortunately which means that your opponent will get two turns of item use before you can close the door on it.

I’ve gone through the VMAX Pokemon that are worth keeping an eye for, now lets have a look at a few of the trainer cards that are worth noting.

Stadium Showdown: Spikemuth, Glimwood Tangle and Rose Tower

An effect of Spikemuth is the extra 20 or 40 damage it gives, which is useful if you need to get to the one-hit-knock out range

Glimwood Tangle, there are many Pokemon attacks that involve flipping a coin, with this card a lot of the stress of flipping a coin is taken away as it allows you to have another turn flipping the coin.

Rose Tower

A card that has the potential to be effective with a low hand. It also gives you insurance against a bad hand, however it also gives your opponent insurance against a bad hand too. Stadiums are usually a double edged sword.

A few honourable mentions

There’s a few other cards that are worth mentioning, but I won’t go into huge detail about them.

Polteagirst, Bunnelby, Dedenne and Glarian Mr Mime

These Pokemon are apart of the Mad Party and they probably won’t make make it into any other decks, but I figured they are worth at least a quick mention.

This only just the start for this exansion but it already looks good, I personally love Charizard but I am a bit biast as it’s one of my favourite Pokemon.

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