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SK Jewellery have released a 999 Pure Gold Pokemon Jewellery collection!

To celebrate the year of the rat, a Singapore based Jewellery Company has announced a jewellery collection that includes our favourite electric rat. The collection is called the Pokemon 999 Pure Gold Collection, yes that’s right pure solid gold. The price tags on these are a lil hefty.

Before we get all judgmental on the pricing, lets look at the items avaliable. Some people would have seen already the Pikachu Necklace as it was the most advertised by SK Jewellery. There is actually many more Pokemon and items in this collection.

First up we have the solid gold necklace with Pokemon Pedants.

Next we have gold necklaces and pendants, but the pendants have a gloss enamel fill.

How cute is that eevee!

Only one type of Pokemon, gold and enamel ring was created.

Next we have the Pokemon Gold Ang Pow.

Next we have Pokemon Gold Bar.

Three different Pika designs are avaliable. Each gold bar weighs approx 0.3 grams each and is 55mm long by 30mm tall (so they are quiet small and thin).

Last but not least my personal favourite, Pokemon Bracelet Charms.

I wish they had a Meowth charm, I would buy that in a heart beat! I have done some calculations (as I was curious) of the sale price compared to the gold price. For example the squirtle charm gold weight is 1.3 grams, the going rate for gold in Australia is $69, so the for sale price is approx $370 and the gold worth is approx $100, but its Pokemon! That’s all I need to know 🙂

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