Smeargle is now available!


The last unreleased Pokemon from Generation 2 is finally available in Pokemon Go!

To obtain Smeargle you must use the new Go Snapshot feature to capture photos of your Pokemon (in either AR or AR+ mode). When you review the pictures you have taken, you might be surprised to see that Smeargle has photobombed one of your pictures! If that is the case, when you return to the map, you will see Smeargle near you and you can then try to catch it. Smeargle will copy (Sketch) the moves of the Pokemon it photobombed. You can only encounter one Smeargle per day.

Go Snapshot is available for Trainers at Level 5 or higher on both Android and iOS devices.


My thoughts

The introduction of Smeargle was truly innovating. It makes you want to try out the new Go Snapshot feature even if you were not attracted by it. They also resolved the dilemma of what moves will Smeargle have in a clever way. I know people will have fun taking snapshots of Pokemon, maybe we can photobomb a Smeargle photobombing another Pokemon?

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