TCG Expansion Pack ‘Sky Legend’


Tag Team has reached a new level in the newest TCG Sun & Moon Expansion.

Sky Legend has the first ever 3 Tag Team


Now I love this card for many reasons. 1. It’s the three legendary birds, there is not one Pokemon fan that doesn’t love the originals. 2. The artwork, look at those eyes! I cant wait to see what it looks like in real life as full holo. 3. Trinity Burn, You can defeat the Pokemon GX in a single shot, 210 damage!

The rest of the card details are below.

It is possible to make a durable match by utilizing the HP300 high class of the highest class as the Pokemon .

“Trinity burn”

You can defeat the Pokemon GX in a single shot, 210 damage!

“Sky Legend GX”

No matter how much damage it takes, you can return to the deck, and even give 110 damage to each of your opponent’s three Pokemon.

We have also been given a view at a few more cards in this expansion, including rares, full art GXs, trainers and the newest tag team to the group.

Rare Holos


Full art GXs


Tag Team: 

Rowlet & Alohan Exeggutor


This grass duo is ready for action with Grass type, assault!

“Super glow”

It can be used without energy, and one grass Pokémon in the field can be evolved at a stretch!

“The ease hurricane”

While giving 150 damage, you can recover!

“Tropical Hour GX”

You can do 200 damage and even return all of your opponent’s energy to the deck

The Sky Legend set is to be released in Japan April 26. I’m sure it wont be long until it reaches us in English as well.

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