The Darkest Night to come

So, Pokemon Japan has dropped an absolute ton of information on us and all of it seems to be pertaining to the latest set “Mugen zone”. Mugen translates to Infinite So immediately I get a sense of a theme of expansion from this set. Ironic considering, we are in the times of ‘maxing’ Pokemon.

So the headliner for this advertisement is Eternatus Vmax who seems to be packing a really interesting set of utility tools. With the equal parts standard and monstrous 340 hp it also comes with an ability that can expand the bench to fit up to 8 dark type Pokemon. Which is really interesting as it’s attack (if I’m reading this translation correctly) deals 30x the number of dark pokemon you have on your bench meaning it should be able to very cleanly 2ko just about anything it touches for two energy which is rally efficient.

Alongside its counterpart the website also announces the arrival of Eternatus V. While not as crazy as it’s other form Eternatus V is packing 220 health and a nice little bit of dark energy acceleration for a colourless energy which is really nice early game but the main attraction is it’s second attack which for four energy (1 dark 3 colourless) It can deal an additional 120 damage on top of it’s original 120 to opposing Vmax Pokemon.

Alongside these Pokemon a host of supporting Pokemon have also been announced:

Crobat V: With 180 hp it’s quite a bit of a light weight next to other V cards however it’s ability ‘Night asset’ is particularly nice as it allows the user to draw until they have 6 cards in hand, however, this can only be down once per turn.

Hoopa Unbound: It’s definitely on the frailer side of things personally with only 120 hp it’s attack for a single black deals 90 damage however it deals no damage if it wasn’t moved into the active spot the turn it uses this attack.

Scrafty: It’s packing the same HP pool as Hoopa but has little more utility in it. For a single dark energy it can prevent the opposing Pokemon from retreating on it’s next turn and for three energy (1 dark and 2 colourless) it can deal 90 and if your played Piers this turn it deals double damage to totally out to 180.

Ariados: It is an interesting utility card. With only 110 HP it’s packing the ability ‘Spider Net’ which, upon evolution allows Ariados’ controller to force out one of the opponents bench Pokemon. Otherwise, it can also deal 30 damage and poison for 2 energy (1 dark 1 colourless)

We also have so interesting new Trainer cards announced in:

Piers: Who lets you search for a dark type pokemon and an energy card to put into your hand.

Chairman Rose: Who attaches 2 energy from discard onto one of your Vmax Pokemon.

Rose tower: Let’s both players draw until they have 3 cards in hand

Special dark energy: Which, according to Bulbapedia is called a Hide energy that eliminates the retreat cost of the dark type Pokemon it is attached to. Unfortunately, it’s description was a little too to rely off of the site’s captions.

Overall, it’s looking like a pretty nice time to be a dark type deck so it will be exciting to see more of what happens in the future.

The website revealed a whole heap more for us to enjoy but will have to appear in future articles. Stay tuned for more!

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