Ultra Pro Releasing New Booster Box Displays


Ultra Pro are releasing Booster Box displays, these will be made out of acrylic and specifically sized for booster boxes.

The exact date of release is not yet known, but they will be released in Winter 2021.

You will be able to display and protect your standard sized booster boxes in a UV protected acrylic display by Ultra Pro. These display boxes are ultra clear, thick and feature a two piece top opening design with six extra strength magnets. Each display includes optional rubber feet attachments and a cleaning cloth. These are made with nonPVC acid free materials for premium protection.

Here’s a couple pf pics of what it will look like!

The inner dimensions for the display boxes are 4.95 in. x 5.51 in. (78.25mm x 125.75mm x 140mm) this will hold most booster boxes, however it is best to check the dimensions before purchasing. This will be great item for booster box collectors!

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