Converse x Pokemon Collaboration


A Pokemon themed Converse Collaboration is coming!

As every other brand is jumping on the 25th Pokemon Celebrations why not Converse! A new collaboration for a Pokemon themed clothing range has been announced by Converse. It wont just be our favourite chucks either, there will be sneakers for kids, jumpers, shirts, caps and backpacks. Pretty much anything you will ever need in your wardrobe. What I love about Converses collaboration is that they have specialised this clothing range on the original Pokemon, meaning only the Pokemon from the Kanto region are included.

The two main things that caught my eye was, firstly the amazing black and white Pokemon Chucks with the shiny Pokeball on the ankle (clean and simple is more than enough!) and the celebration tour jumper. The jumper has been designed just like a rock tour jumper with a list of all the Pokemon Regions so far up to the 25th anniversary. Lets face it we have been to every region, we need that jumper!

Have a look below at the pictures that have been released.

The Pokémon x Converse collection has been announced to drop on December 10. It only states from Converse direct and retailers but not what countries. As soon as I know, I’ll update 😉

Author: Jesska

An Artist, a Web Designer but most of all a Pokemon Collector! Owner of the Pokemon Newspaper.

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