First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition


Hong Kong retailers have broken the street date for the new Pokemon Switch Lite!

Whhhhhattt? I know right. If someone did that in Australia there would certainly be a hefty fine. We still have to wait 8 more details until its released from retailers here.

Let’s have a look anyway, it always looks different than the photoshoped box.

Now if you look at the image of the box (below) it does look darker than I first thought.

Or it could just be me? It also seems a little hard to see the line work of Zacian and Zamazenta unless in the right light. I would have loved this to been a lil darker or even thicker just so it’s less suttle.

So if you haven’t ordered one yet, you still have a week to do so. They will sell out pretty quickly just like the Lets Go Pika & Eevee Switches. Defiantly a collectors item for some of us 😉

Author: Jesska

An Artist, a Web Designer but most of all a Pokemon Collector! Owner of the Pokemon Newspaper.

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