GameStop ‘Celebrations’ Promotion: Binders and Jumbo Snorlax VMAX


Gamestop stores will be having a special promotion to celebrate the release of Celebrations on October 8th.

Anyone who purchases a Pokémon item will receive a Jumbo Snorlax VMAX and a Pokémon binder that fits the jumbo sized cards. Unlike past promotions, there is no purchase limit to receive the items.

Gamestop stores will more of the jumbo Snorlax VMAX cards then they will of the binders, so naturally you can expect for the binders to run out first.

Gamestop originally gave out these same items last May, however you could only get the promotion through The original promotion also required people to spend $25 on Pokémon merchandise.

I personally love the look of the binders! I think this is a great promotion. ?

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