JP Post Pokémon Stamps


JP Post has just announced a Pokémon Stamp collection!

Each stamp collection comes in a Pokemon themed box with:

  • A sheet of real stamps Pokemon card themed
  • Two full art promo Pikachu and Cramorang cards
  • Three stickers Pikachu, Eevee and Charizard
  • The Pokémon TVG family box set

My favourite has to be the three starter trio stamps for sure. The Pikachu and Cramorant artwork is based on the classic Japanese stamps “Beauty Looking Back” and “Moon Goose.”

Per order opens on July 26th with the release date of August 25th. Sadly this amazing piece won’t be available outside of Japan. So some of us may miss out 🙁

They did state that over 80,000 stamp boxes will be made and there is a possibility of reprints. So fingers crossed guys!


Due to high demand and scalping issues you can no longer pre order this product from the store. The only way they can be obtained is via lottery. To enter the lottery you will need to purchase a special post card (at about 50 cents) and lodge it to the post office. You can enter as many times as you want, however you can only win once. About 1-2 million post cards will be avaliable.

Winners will be announced in October, they will be able to head down to Japan Post Offices in November to purchase the stamp set with their winning ticket.

I totally understand why Japan are doing this, however it sucks for the rest of us around the world. It seems this item may be very sort after with a pricy tag, as someone will need to give theirs up. 🙁


Stock is now available and we are taking orders for the stamp box! Click here

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