Paldea’s Christmas Market Collection


Paldea’s Christmas Market Collection: Unwrap the Magic at Pokémon Center!

Get ready to deck the halls with Pokémon joy as Paldea’s Christmas Market Collection makes its merry debut! On Saturday, October 28th, the Pokémon Center is transforming into a festive wonderland with an enchanting array of Christmas-themed goodies inspired by the charming Marinade Town in the Paldea region.

A Sneak Peek into the Magical Market:

  1. Stuffed Animals and Advent Calendars: Dive into the holiday spirit with adorable Pokémon-themed stuffed animals and delightful advent calendars. Each day brings a new surprise, building anticipation for the big day!
  2. Art Tapestries with Christmas Tree Designs: Spruce up your space with festive flair using art tapestries featuring charming Christmas tree designs. It’s a perfect way to infuse your surroundings with the spirit of the season.
  3. Customizable Monster Ball Decor: Let your creativity shine! Decorate your very own monster ball with mascots and ornaments, creating a personalized touch to your Pokémon-themed Christmas decor.
  4. Stuffed Animal Bouquets: Spread joy and warmth with delightful stuffed animal bouquets – the perfect presents for Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages. Each bouquet is a bundle of cuddly cheer.
  5. Interactive Christmas Sweaters: Step into the holiday season with Christmas sweaters featuring Tetsunotsutsumi. These sweaters bring an extra element of fun with sequins that change Tetsunotsutsumi’s eyes when touched. It’s a magical touch to elevate your festive wardrobe.

Mark Your Calendar for Pokémon Cheer:

  • In-Store Availability: The Christmas magic unfolds at Pokémon Center stores starting from 10 am on Saturday, October 28th. Immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere right in the heart of Paldea’s Christmas Market. If you would like to place an order click here!

Don’t miss out on the Pokémon delights that will sprinkle a bit of extra magic into your Christmas celebrations. Whether you’re treating yourself or checking off your holiday shopping list, Paldea’s Christmas Market Collection at Pokémon Center is your ticket to a season filled with Pokémon joy and festive enchantment!

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