Pokemon Center UK and Special Delivery Charizard


To celebrate the opening of Pokemon Center UK online, get the chance to obtain the Special Delivery Charizard!

Finally after a two year wait, we get to hear what we want and thats how do we get a Special Delivery Charizard card. Just like the Delivery Pikachu and Delivery Bidoof cards these are limited to Pokemon Center online stores in the US, Canada and now the UK. If you would like to view the new UK Pokemon Center online store you can find it here, but you will still need a UK delivery address. The Special Delivery Charizard is exactly the same as the one that was leaked back in card shipments in June 2021. Check them out below.

Now how do we get it? First you need to register for it (pretty much the same as the Delivery Bidoof Card). You can register here! You will need a US, Canadian or UK address to be able to submit your application and be careful as whatever country you enter will restrict you to getting your card through that particular online store.

Once you have registered, emails will be sent out closer to the end of the year, as the online code is only valid for 12 weeks and expires on December 31st 2022. You can then purchase items on the online store of $20 or more and then add your code to get your free Delivery Charizard card with your order.

I am super siked! As I have the Delivery Pikachu and Delivery Bidoof already in my graded card sets, I can’t wait to get one of these bad boys and add it in!

Author: Jesska

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