Pokemon Sword and Shield Lost Origin

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The new Pokemon TCG ‘Lost Origin’ dates have been announced!

The newest Pokemon TCG from Sword and Shield is coming. The new card set named ‘Lost Origin’ should be arriving on September 9th 2022 in Australia. In this set we have over 190 new cards, with 3 brand new Radiant Pokemon. There will be 6 VSTAR cards, 14 V Cards and 1 Enormouse VMAX card. There is a lot of trainer cards in this set too with 30 special art cards and 15 normal cards. This set will combine May’s Dark Phantasma and July’s Lost Abyss Japanese sets.

Below we have images of the items releasing in this set from Booster Boxes to 3packs and ETBs.

Lost Origin Booster Boxes – You can now Pre Order Here!

3 pack blisters with a special card and Charziard coin

9 Sleeve folders and mini folders

Standard Elite Trainer Box – You can Pre Order these here!

Pokemon Center Exclusive Elite Trainer Box – You can Pre Order these here!

What is the best card to chase?

If we have learnt anything from the Pokemon Go set, its that these release dates are never really accurate, with delays always being announced. If I hear anything else, I’ll give you guys an update 🙂

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