Pokémon Unite Update


The latest information about the new Pokémon Game

The Pokémon Company not only released a new trailer but also gave us release dates to look forward too. This is the first MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Pokémon based game, so they better hit it hard. The Pokémon Unite website is now also live and it has a pretty cool video on the home page.

This game is a strategic Team Battle, with players battling 5 on 5. During these battle the team mates will cooperate and catch wild Pokémon to level up and evolve their own. Check out the latest trailer, its easier to show you than explain 🙂

What I really do love is the idea of cross platform battles. For this game it can be placed on both Switch or Mobile with a cross play linked by Nintendo accounts. OMG If I could play Pokémon Shield on my phone while sitting waiting at an appointment wouldn’t that be amazing!

So first the game will release on switch in July 2021 (that’s next month!!), with the mobile connection coming in September 2021. I am very curious to se how it all goes!

Author: Jesska

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