Special post card of “Mewtwo Counterattack EVOLUTION”


If you are in Japan and are going to go see the new Mewtwo Evolution don’t miss out on getting one of these amazing post cards.

Special advanced tickets to see the new Pokemon movie will be available from April 12th. If you purchase one of the advanced tickets along with an item of merchandise (purchased as a set) you will receive one of the special post cards. There are six all up to collect however they are given at random. So fingers crossed you get the one you like first go.

If that’s not enough! They will be adding three more types of specially designed postcards to the set. Released on the 1st of June, we will update you on the new designs 🙂

A counter for counterattack” Special advance ticket with serial code
General ticket 1,400 yen (tax included) / Junior ticket 800 yen (tax included).

Which postcard is your favourite?


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