VStar Universe Expansion


The final Sword and Shield set ‘VStar Universe Expansion’

We all thought Sword and Shield was already gone but the very last and final expansion is here. The VStar Universe Expansion has been announced and boy does it blow all the other sets away. In this expansion there is 172 cards however the full arts and the V arts are to die for. Honestly if Pokemon did artwork like this for all there sets, I would be totally broke.

Check out the arts and V arts below:

Here we have the V Cards and BOY! I am happy not only do I get to see an artwork finally worthy of my fire doggo we have all three doggos!

The hardest part of this set is that there is only 10 booster packs per box and the pre order prices for these boxes are the highest I’ve seen. Each booster pack has 10 cards so really for a couple of hundred dollars you get 100 cards to try and get one of the beauties above. I wonder what set this would be in, in English? Release date is set in Japan as December 2nd, tying up S&S with the end of the year.

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